Our Services
We offer particular Services for NRIs
We do Private Investigation either in Kitchen or in Bedroom or anywhere with evidence. We use all available modern Electronic Gadgets.
Background checks of Matrimonial candidates.
Investigation on post marriage disputes.
Property protection round the clock.
Verification of Properties/Flats for buyers/Sellers.
Ascertain market value of property.
Take care of Telephone Bills, Electric Bills, Corporation Taxes etc.
Instant arrangement for Medicine, Ambulance, Hospitalization etc.
Cheating Spouses, Infidelity.
Site Security Analvsis, Industrial Espionage Avoidance, Fraud Prevention and Detection of inside thefts, Credentials Verification.
Investigations and Intelligence Services at Home
We provide Armguard, Security Officer, Security Supervisor, and Security Guard specially tuned bodyguards etc. for various installations, VIPs, celebrities etc.
Matrimonial investigations
Pre-employment screening for multinational organizations
Corporate Investigations
Assets Verification
Missing case
Murder case
Spurious product
Anonymous threats
Recovery of dues
Provide undercover agents
Security Services
We are the only organization who works with the latest modern electronic gadgets.
We have set up "Anapol Institute of Management Studies" where Private Detective and other management courses are taking place. Enquiry contact 9831090099/91- 033 24008873
Debt Collection for multinational banks and financial institutions.
Specially Tuned Body Guards.
Industrial and Commercial Security: Provide security professionals (including armed guards) at industrial locations, companies, offices and educational institutions and for any other requirement.
Executive and Personal protection.
Dog services with handlers are also available
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